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Kentera: Macedonia is the next NATO member

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Kentera: Macedonia is the next NATO member

President of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro, Dr. Savo Kenter, is taking part at the Macedonia2025 Summit from October 31st to November 3rd in Skopje. Speaking at the panel "What We Learned and How Can We Implement Best Practices in Macedonia and the Region?" Kentera stressed that that we can't speak about stability of the Balkans until all countries of the region join NATO and that in this regards he sees Macedonia as the next member of the Alliance.


He also pointed out that by electing a new Government with Prime Minister Zaev, citizens of Macedonia have chosen a path toward brighter future, based on European and Euro-Atlantic values and if they persist on this path towards NATO and the EU, they will soon be able to see results in economic and any other aspect.

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