Since its establishment in 1949, NATO has been committed to promoting peace, security, and stability across the Euro-Atlantic region and beyond. Over the past seven decades, NATO has played a critical role in deterring aggression, managing crises, and strengthening international partnerships.

In today’s turbulent world, collective security has proven to be of highest importance. The strengthening of NATO, in several directions, represents one of the most significant international reactions to the war in Ukraine. Finland membership to NATO on this day will greatly strengthen the security of the Alliance.

The Atlantic Council of Montenegro underlines the strategic importance of the North Atlantic Alliance for the stability in Europe and the Euro-Atlantic area, including the Western Balkan region. Considering this, the Atlantic Council of Montenegro will enhance its efforts to raise awareness through all possible dialogue forms and to fight propaganda against the Alliance, which has brought peace to the region and defense, security, and stability to Montenegro.

We are NATO!