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The Atlantic Council elected its new Board

The Assembly of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro held on February 25, 2021, in Podgorica elected the new Governance Board composed of Milica Pejanović-Đurišić, John Allen, Sharyl Cross, and Amadeo Watkins.  The Board members are prominent figures with many years of political and expert experience both at home and in the international scene. The former […]

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Whoever thinks that Russian influence has weakened when Montenegro or Northern Macedonia accessed NATO, definitely does not know much about Russia or its functioning. Russian influence has just strengthened here during the last two years, assessed Savo Kenetera, the President of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro. In an interview for Oslobođenje, Kentera stated that Russia […]

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Click here to take a look at the 2BS Forum 2020 Summary which offers an overview of the keynote speeches and panels, but also the messages and conclusions from the Forum, held on December 11, 2020. in Podgorica.

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Journey to Safety – Returnees from the Battlefields

In the last documentary of the set Journey to Safety, our interlocutors shared their personal experiences and reasons for departing to battlefields. The documentary brings a first-person story and firsthand experiences. We also talked with Dragan Pejovic, the National Coordinator for prevention and suppression of radicalization and extreme violence (2018-2020), and Hafiz Sulejmani Bugari from […]

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Journey To Safety – Migrants

The topic of the second documentary within the project Journey to Safety is migrants who have sought international protection in our country. Watch emotional testimonies of people who have found their safety in Montenegro. The project has been supported by the Embassy of Canada.


Journey to Safety: Women in the Security Sector

Watch the first out of three short documentaries within the project Journey to Safety. In this documentary we are talking with the women working in the security sector, whose everyday’s work contributes to the building of peace and stability in Montenegro. The project has been supported by the Embassy of Canada.

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Journey to Safety

The Atlantic Council of Montenegro is proud to announce the featuring of the project JOURNEY TO SAFETY.  Journey to Safety represents a series of three short documentaries whose goal is to create a more inclusive, tolerant, secure and prosperous democratic society in Montenegro. The topics of the documentaries are: Women in the Security Sector, Migrants […]

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Education is the only way for societies to fight disinformation in the long run, a dangerous phenomenon that causes serious damage to all countries – was concluded on the panel dedicated to the fight against disinformation, organized within the jubilee tenth 2BS Forum, held on December 11. Milan Jovanović, from the Digital Forensic Center, believes […]

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Changes in the U.S. foreign policy certain

The U.S. foreign policy will be different under the administration of the new President-elect Joe Biden from the one lead by Donald Tramp, assessed participants at the panel discussion dedicated to the U.S. foreign policy after the Presidential election, organized within the tenth 2BS Forum. Ivana Stradner, fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, believes that […]