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Day 2 of the 8th 2BS Forum

PANEL IV: “DISINFORMATION IS A NEW INFORMATION?”  Disinformation in the world cannot be stopped, and it is impossible to control anything that is published on the Internet, so funds should be invested in defence of hybrid information, it is said at the panel “Disinformation is a new information”. Communications specialist Kateryna Kruk spoke about the situation in […]

Panel II: Europe right now?

Strengthening of the radical movements should not be the excuse for the EU member states not to allow the perspective of membership to the Balkan countries, and nationalism is used in order to weaken the independent judiciary, pluralism and freedom of media. This is one of the messages from the second panel at the eighth […]

Panel I: “Western Balkans between unresolved past and emerging challenges”

Consolidation of the European Union and the process of the EU enlargement should be happening at the same time, since everything that stays out of the EU’s attention, and Balkan used to be there, could represent a problem to the EU, according to the message of the President of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović. In his opening […]