Azra Karastanović

Azra Karastanović became Executive Director of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro (ACM) in 2022.   She   has   been   engaged   with   the   Atlantic Council of Montenegro since 2014 where she was in charge of the development and implementation of the Atlantic  Council’s  programs and projects among which is also the program development of the To Be Secure Forum (2BS Forum), a leading high-level politico-security platform of the Atlantic Council. Prior to joining the ACM, she worked in the Center for International Relations of Montenegro. Her earlier  work includes  engagement within  the  Center  for Democratic  Transition (CDT) as well as the Political System, Judiciary, and Administration Committee in the Parliament of Montenegro. She was a member of the Working Group for Chapter 31  – Foreign, security, and defence policy of the Montenegrin integration process into the EU (2018-2020). She has participated in various programs in Europe and USA, the last being the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) of the US State Department. Ms. Karastanović   graduated in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Montenegro, and currently is doing   her   Master’s   thesis.   She regularly   publishes   articles,   policy   papers,   and   analyses   on   several   issues concerning security and international relations with a focus on Montenegro.