“Masks have fallen and everyone has shown their faces in Montenegro, but we have also seen the faces of other countries. We have seen who the real allies of Montenegro are, and now we know very well what we can count on in the period ahead. ” said the President of the Atlantic Council of […]

For the fifth issue of our ACM Briefs, published in March 2022, we would like to introduce a study on War in Ukraine and implications for Montenegro’s EU membership. These policy briefs are a part of the bigger project funded by the Balkan Trust for Democracy (GMF) and USAID, aimed at providing laser-sharp insights into […]

“I think we always have, in Montenegro, some difficult times when we are about to create some governance. Not because of the local elections, not because of some internal issues, but because this country needs a government as soon as possible.” Said Savo Kentera for Albanian Radio and Television, when asked about the negations for […]

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