The Minister of temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, Mr. Vadym Olehovych Chernysh, together with his delegation members paid the visit to the Atlantic Council of Montenegro. On that occasion they discussed the issue of cyber security and increasing rise of disinformation, as a main tool for destabilization of political structures, that, together with the fake news trend, poor media and digital literacy lead to unfavorable social developments, with his host, Dr. Savo Kentera, the President and CEO of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro. They agreed that the largest threat to social stability and democratic processes is taking on global proportions. Therefore, as it was mentioned, it is necessary to increase the knowledge and raise awareness on the existence of these issues, with a view to decreasing negative consequences of foreign and internal influence. Mr. Kentera emphasized that the cooperation between the Government and civil sector is of crucial significance for success. 

It was concluded that both countries deal with almost identical issues in this regard. Bearing in mind the influence of these issues, it was concluded that strengthening cooperation and exchanging experience, expertise and know-how,as well as participating at forums, round tables are needed.