Russia has never accepted nor gotten over Montenegrin NATO membership and it will never do so, evaluated Savo Kentera, President of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro. Appearing on the TV show Sofrovizija of the Radio and Television of Montenegro on the occasion of the third anniversary of Montenegro’s membership in the Alliance, Kentera said that […]

Russia is trying to slow down the integration processes on the Western Balkans and surpasses the other countries in interfering in the internal and foreign political course of the region, assessed the participants of the online conference organized by NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence (StratCom) from Latvia. The participants of the conference were Milan Jovanovic […]

The coronavirus consequences will be enormous but alliances such as NATO and the EU can give the best response to these challenges, despite their slow initial reaction, was assessed by the participants of the online conference of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro (ACM). They added that the Western Balkans need to be in focus of […]

Atlantic Council of Montenegro has been closely monitoring the situation and developments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. After careful deliberation, we have decided to postpone the 10th edition of 2BS Forum. The wellbeing, health, and safety of our participants, partners, and staff is our highest priority which is why we believe that the best way to […]

The modern age has brought us into a new reality where social networks and media create and promote narratives and information that undermine the legitimacy of not only Montenegrin but also societies around the world. The current situation regarding the Law on Freedom of Religion has deepened the crisis in relations between the Serbian Orthodox […]