The Documentary titled “Operation Maskirovka: a game without rules” produced by the Atlantic Council of Montenegro, is the result of a project supported by NATO.

Russia’s meddling in the democratic processes in Montenegro is not a hoax. It is part of a Kremlin’s decades-long efforts to influence and shape policies to undermine western-oriented strategic foreign policy goals of Montenegro. With the rise of social media, the dissemination of disinformation has become alarmingly effortless, giving nefarious actors a platform to exploit vulnerabilities and manipulate public discourse. We expose the extent of this phenomenon and explore the impact it has on Montenegro’s political landscape and social cohesion. However, this is not a tale of despair. We also shine a light on the mechanisms and ways to fight back against disinformation and foreign malign influence.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video do not necessarily reflect those of NATO or its member nations.