Education and informing – the means to address the issue of online radicalization

The Atlantic Council of Montenegro, together with the Faculty of Law, University of Montenegro and with the support of NATO PDD organized the Workshop on preventing online radicalization of youth in Montenegro which took place on Tuesday, December 10, 2019 at the Faculty of Law in Podgorica.

Savo Kentera, President of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro, Dražen Cerović, Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Montenegro and Dragan Pejanović, State Secretary of the Ministry of Interior and National Coordinator for P/CVE gave effective welcome speeches.

When it comes to younger generations, there is a growing need for more proactive and comprehensive approach to the fight against online radicalization. Therefore, this workshop served as a great opportunity for young people to gain the skills, necessary knowledge and capacities to identify online manipulation and radicalization as well as to identify the ways to fight back this phenomenon.

The workshop built upon the momentum in which we mark the Human Rights week and emphasized the need to focus on human rights promotion as this boosts resilience of affected communities, builds their confidence in institutions of the system and ability for them to feel appreciated and free to express themselves and fully participate in public and political life of their society.

“Understanding radicalization”, “How to curb online radicalization among youth”, “Legal framework in the prevention of the violent extremism” are some of the main topics which were covered by interactive discussions whose participants were Jelena Fuštić, Project Coordinator at the Forum MNE, dr Adis Balota, Professor at the Faculty for Information Technologies at the Mediterranean University and Dražen Cerović.

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Education and informing – the means to address the issue of online radicalization
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