Digital Forensic Center

The first digital center of its kind in the Western Balkans, the DFC is dedicated to combating disinformation, fake news, and propaganda campaigns aimed at destabilizing democratic processes and institutions in Montenegro and the region. The DFC team focuses on key activities within the Montenegrin and broader information space, which through the dissemination of partially or completely inaccurate information, attempt to discredit and undermine democratic institutions. A significant resource of the DFC is its extensive network of associates from the Western Balkans, Europe, and the USA, as well as long-term partnerships with the Atlantic Council of the United States and the Institute for Statecraft in London.

Center for International Relations

The Center for International Relations promotes regional cooperation and integration based on shared values and mutual interests in a free, prosperous, and peaceful future. The center aims to catalyze local, regional, and global strategies for more effective action on international, economic, and other policies. As an important aspect and product of the work of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro in this field, the 2BS Forum stands out, the leading political-security forum in the region, addressing questions of global security and security in Southeast Europe.

Center for Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism

The Center for Countering Terrorism and Violent Extremism is dedicated to providing practical support and multidisciplinary guidance to strengthen the rule of law and counter extremism that may lead to terrorist activities. Through monitoring and analyzing trends, the Center addresses the fundamental causes of radicalization, changes in methods and techniques of extremist and terrorist organizations, and strategies with a special focus on right-wing extremism, in order to build resilience within society and the state to counter this phenomenon.

YATA Montenegro

YATA Montenegro is the youth organization of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro. Through the active involvement of the youth in discussions, initiatives, and projects, YATA Montenegro aims to shape an informed, engaged, and capable generation of leaders ready to confront contemporary challenges in the fields of international security, defence, and diplomacy. YATA Montenegro represents a platform for leadership development and the promotion of Euro-Atlantic values among Montenegrin youth where the mission is reflected in encouraging critical thinking, as well as intercultural understanding and cooperation.

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