The mission of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro is to make a significant contribution to strengthening democracy, security, and stability in Montenegro and the region, through organizing and coordinating scientific research activities in the fields of defence, security, and diplomacy.

Thanks to that mission and activities in its implementation, the Atlantic Council of Montenegro has become the leading think tank in the country, which through its projects and analyses opens dialogue and initiates discussions on key international questions and processes, especially in the North Atlantic space and in the region of Southeast Europe.

Our values

At the Atlantic Council of Montenegro, we believe in the importance of integrating theory and practice to achieve our mission. Through innovative approaches to complex socio-political challenges, we develop evidence-based policies and ideas grounded in solid principles.

This concept has helped us achieve a measurable and sustainable impact that contributes to the greater good of all citizens and institutions, directly or indirectly involved in our work.
Since its establishment, the Atlantic Council of Montenegro has been realizing numerous projects on security and defense issues and generated initiatives and ideas for policy-level action.

In that context, we have published more than 150 publications and analyses on various topics concerning security, stability, and democracy. Our experience, expertise, and knowledge enable us to expand the scope of our action and create policies in various areas.
Networking and Influence
The efforts of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro are aimed at providing support to decision-makers, security professionals, the academic community, media, youth, and citizens of Montenegro.

Our capacity-building programs aim to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to contribute to the development of a more secure, democratic, and prosperous society.
The Atlantic Council of Montenegro is led by a team of specialists, external consultants, and prominent experts, along with strategic partnerships and collaboration with a wide network of regional and international organizations.

Our expertise is acknowledged by institutions and organizations both domestic and international, as is evident by our active participation and involvement in several government-led working groups and consultation teams that work on planning, formulation, and implementation of strategic plans related to security and defense matters in Montenegro.
The Atlantic Council of Montenegro is dedicated to promoting the active involvement of youth in socio-political life through various activities.

The Atlantic Council of Montenegro’s youth organization – YATA Montenegro has been engaging its members in numerous activities in Montenegro and abroad, including visits to relevant institutions, attendance at seminars and schools, as well as participation in international conferences.
The prominent recognition of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in the areas we engage in, which has enabled us to attract a wide range of national and international partners.

Our longstanding partnerships with decision-makers, members of the diplomatic corps, international organizations, NGOs, the academic community, and the media are of paramount importance in building our reputation as a reliable source of information and a significant actor in shaping the future of Montenegro and the Southeast Europe region.




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Our values
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