Russia, China and Turkey are changing world order

 Russia, China and Turkey are changing the world order and the balance of power in the international community, says Director of the Brussels-based Center for Russia Europe Asia Studies Theresa Fallon, arguing that the liberal order is resistant and capable of responding to challenges. 

Speaking at To Be Secure (2BS) Forum in Budva, she noted that the Chinese have made a very smart and substantial investment in the Western Balkans. 

Asked if the world liberal order is finished, she replied that it has been dominating the international scene for seven decades, but that the present time has brought a lot of crises, which have grown deeper and that Russia, China and Turkey are shifting the balance of power. 

“Everybody is talking about China, but China is not a model that other countries wish to replicate. We must find a solution, simply perceiving the problem is not enough,” Fallon said in the panel entitled ‘Three Shades of Red: Russia, China and Turkey Changing Global Power Dynamics’.

Speaking in the panel on Security Reimagined: The Ironclad Commitment to the Transatlantic Alliance Put to Test, Foreign Minister Srdjan Darmanovic remarked that every crisis is helping the Member States to realize the existence of NATO is more important than misunderstanding and differences in views. 

“There are external and internal challenges that are testing the cohesion and commitment to the Alliance. But every crises helps the member states to realize that the existents of NATO is more important than misunderstandings and differences in views,” Darmanovic stated. 

He believes that recent developments in the Balkans have clearly shown that Europe needs NATO. 

“Today, NATO operates in a complex environment. This period is marked by Russia’s revisionist politics. The countries that are not stable are especially vulnerable to attacks,” Darmanovic said.

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Russia, China and Turkey are changing world order
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