Savo Kentera

Chairman of the Security and International Relations Committee

Dr. Savo Kentera has held the position of the Director of the National Security Agency of Montenegro. Before that, he served as the as the Executive Director of the Atlantic Council of Montenegro (ACM) from 2008 to 2022, which he founded. Through his work in this organization, he has been actively engaged in promoting and affirming Euro-Atlantic integrations of Montenegro since 2006, with its pivotal role in advancing stability and fostering cooperation in the Western Balkans region, and beyond.

A significant product of his work in the ACM is the To Be Secure (2BS) Forum, a leading politico-security forum in Southeast Europe (SEE) that has been shaping national, regional, and international security frameworks, since its inception in 2022. Furthermore, in 2018, he established the Digital Forensic Center, which is the first digital hub of its kind devoted to countering disinformation, fake news, and propaganda campaigns that seek to undermine democratic processes in both Montenegro as well as the Western Balkan region. During that period. Dr. Kentera was also editor-in-chief of two magazines: the Security Magazine and the DFC Magazine.

Before joining the Atlantic Council of Montenegro, Dr. Kentera was the Director of the Center for International Relations of Montenegro. Additionally, he was a vice-president of the Atlantic Treaty Association.

His areas of expertise encompass international relations, the intricate landscape of Intelligence Community policy and management, as well as security concerns that not only pertain to the Intelligence Community but also extend to the broader field of security studies, with a particular emphasis on counterterrorism. Dr. Kentera has lectured and published on several issues related to defense transformation and security integration within the SEE region.

He holds a PhD degree in Security Studies, from the University of Belgrade. He has participated in programs in the United States at the Institute for National Security, and at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Savo Kentera
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